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School Timings

Rewari Branch:

Nursery wing: 8:15am - 12:30pm

Class I Onwards: 8:15am - 2:15pm

The Rewari School remains closed on second Saturday of every month. On the fourth Saturday of every month the School closes at 12:30pm.

These timings are observed through out the year except for about 2-3 weeks in January when the morning starting time is delayed by about 25 minutes due to thick fog.

The management provides a minimum of 210 annual schooling days to the students.

Financial aid

The founding fathers of our Foundation were quite firm in their commitment that Rishi Public School is to provide affordable quality education. The School management is committed towards this dictum in letter and spirit. Accordingly, in spite of our moderate fee structure, liberal financial aid is sanctioned to deserving economically weaker sections. Scholarships are awarded to deserving bright students.


We are geared towards a Student friendly format of school facilities. The School provides all modern facilities to our Students. In addition these facilities are regularly updated and improved upon.

Science Labs: The school has 3 science laboratories, one each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All the labs are fully equipped, and exposure to the Students starts from junior classes itself. This inculcates an interest in science in the young minds from an early age itself.

Computer Labs: The school has two multimedia computer labs one each for junior section and senior section. Computer education is a practical subject, hence a hands on approach of learning has been implemented. Computers classes start from Class 1 itself. For the nursery section informal classes are held. The computer labs have a good CD library for reference.

Library: We have an enviable collection of 3000+ books. The large number of imported books is a matter of pride of our School Library. We have developed a unique system of colour coding of the Library books according to the level of seniority of the students.

Extra Classes: Extra classes are conducted during summer holidays for weak students in various subjects. Extra coaching of Board classes (IX to XII) is taken up during summer vacations to enable the students to complete their projects as well as science particles.

Counseling for Senior Girl Students: Our School has taken up this responsibility in view of various mishaps involving grown up girl students of other schools. A dedicated Teacher acts as a guide and friend of these girl students. The Teacher interacts with the girl students about their personality, hygiene, responsibilities and etiquettes.

Sports: Various sports activities are undertaken in the School and a qualified Physical Education Instructor takes up the required coaching. Students are encouraged to take part in various inter house and inter school competitions.

Sports undertaken at present are Taekewando, Yoga, Volleyball and Badminton. Soon the School is going to start cricket and football coaching as well.

School Building

The School building is located in a 2.55 acre plot on Delhi Road Rewari. The building has been designed in such a way that maximum space has been left for playgrounds. Also within the building consideration has been given to air flow and sunlight as both these are very important in having a conducive learning environment.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Periodical Parent–Teacher meetings are held to discuss strengths and weaknesses of students. Such meetings are of utmost importance both to the Teachers as well as the Parents and are held at least 4 to 5 times in an academic session. Advance information is sent to the parents and no coaching is undertaken on those days. In addition parents are encouraged to meet teachers as follows:

Without appointment: Between 8:15am - 8:45am on all working days

With appointment: Every 4th Saturday between 9:00am to 12:00 noon

Principal's visiting hours: 10.00 am to 12.00 noon

Payment of School Fees

A hassle free procedure of payment of school fees is operative in Rishi Public School, where parents need not visit either the School or the Bank for payment of school fees. Fee slips are issued to the students on the first working day of each Quarter. Parents can then send the cheques along with the fee slips through their wards, which are collected by the School support staff. Cheques are then deposited in the Bank and 'Parent copy, duly receipted by the Bank' is handed back to the Student.

Deadlines are as under:

Quarter I (April – June): 1st to 15th April

Quarter II (July – September): 1st to 15th July

Quarter III (October – December): 1st to 15th October

Quarter IV (January – March): 1st to 15th January

Payment of fees after 15th of the month has to be paid with the prescribed late fee.

Safety and Precautions

Students must observe all safety precautions. In case of an accidental injury, School provides first aid and informs the parents. Mishaps may occur anywhere at house or in School. Though utmost care is taken by the School, still we need full co-operation of the parents in this regard. School does not bear responsibility of the destiny for any accident or injury that may occur in or around the School premises or School outings.

Useful Information

  • Students should reach the School at least 10 minutes before assembly time.

  • Irregular attendance, insubordination to teachers, any kind of cheating or misconduct by the students or their parents, inside or outside the School, or any objectionable habit or behaviour etc. will invite suitable punishment or even dismissal of the student.

  • Parents should cooperate with the school for safety and security of school property. Damages will have to be reimbursed by the parents.

  • Parents should use student diary for any information or complaint.

  • For security reasons, School does not accept telephonic requests for short leave.

  • Parents should not send strangers to collect their wards from the School.

  • Please notify change of address or telephone number immediately.

  • Parents may please mark student's name and class on their belongings.

  • School has to make adequate arrangements for Day Boarding or School Bus. Parents may please give 30 day notice to avail or discontinue these facilities.

  • Gold ornaments and costly articles should not be brought to the school.


Parents wishing to withdraw their wards are advised to give written notice of one calendar month. Such timely notice will avoid deduction of one month fees from the caution money held by the School in the name of the student. In case no written notice is received, student continues to remain on the School rolls and hence deduction of one month fees from the caution money.