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We have a total of 12 buses that carry our children safely to and from home. Transportation charges are based on distance. Please contact us for details. We constantly seek to improve and will add additional routes if enough children can be benefited.

Our school buses cover the following areas, localities:

Rewari Branch

Computer Labs

The School is now equipped with 2 computer labs one for junior and one for senior students.

Smart Class

We have smart classes installed at our School to enable students to have a multimedia experience in various subjects. This greatly increases understanding of the basic and advanced concepts of the various subjects.

Science Labs

We have fully equipped science labs for all three streams: Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

Maths Lab


With over 3000 books the library is a delight for children to browse and borrow books from

Day Boarding

This is like an extended school. Here teachers help students complete their homework and once again help clear concepts done in the morning classes. Seats are however limited in Day boarding.


Kindly refer to sports page for more info.