Available Library Facility for Student - Rishi School Rewari


RPS Library

The development of the library at RPS is all about creating an inspiring atmosphere, catering to all types of students with many different reading tastes. The library is specially designed and tailored for each level, with teacher librarians to help support and develop a love of reading and learning in the students.

The Rishi Public School’s library is an area of proactive learning, a place where students can access resources that cater to their learning needs. The library helps to develop reading and research skills, and help students’ become lifelong learners.

We believe the library to be a significant influence on the development of our students and we make every effort to keep its resources updated for the benefit of the entire school.

The Library at RPS is crucial to our students’ learning process. Every effort is made to teach, nurture and encourage students’ reading and research skills. All RPS students, including the 3-year olds in Pre-Nursery, regularly check out library resources. Library lessons serve to impart the skills required to make the best use of the resources.

Activities, such as Shared Reading, Buddy Reading, etc. all encourage students’ to progress their reading skills. We also regularly hold a Book Week and Book Fairs, plus related events to encourage reading outside of school.

We at RPS Library are keen to see our students grow and evolve into well-informed individuals and we believe that reading and research is integral to this.